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St Paul’s Gallery

November 21, 2008

St Paul’s Gallery

As you can see in the Frost exhibition blog, we will be exhibiting in this fantastic space for the first third of our touring exhibition. St Paul’s Gallery is a huge art gallery that exibits for sale, hundreds of famous LP covers, massive paintings of rock stars – some even signed personally. It is a capsule of musical fantasy and something you should all experience. It seems as if the building is a converted warehouse as the ceilings are so high and the rooms so big, it has an overwhelming atmosphere of the rockers of the past. Yet these artworks are far from dated, any piece could hang in a stylish home and add a new edge to your living room.

I can say without a doubt these are the most impressive and inspiring paintings I’ve ever seen. There’s something about the music that has allowed these artists to take their thinking outside the box to another level! They are random, thought-provoking and beautiful all at once. One look is not enough, you find yourself doing a double-take and then sometimes even a triple-take to work out what you missed the first and second times!

Gallery One, where we’ll be exhibiting from the 2nd December, is going to be full of all the paintings from the ‘Northern Soul Exhibition,’ the World’s biggest exhibition of David Barrow‘s work throughout the years. In case you don’t know who that is, he is one of the most famous album cover artist’s of his era, you will recognise his work as soon as you see it, and he counts Paul Weller amongst his fans. This exhibition will be running alongside our jewellery exhibition and all the paintings and artworks will be available for sale.

So, if you fancy yourself a bit of an art guru, or a music obsessive or even a jewellery and metalwork coinnoisseur, come down and visit us there is plenty of choice for every one.

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