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‘The David louis Project’ at Artfull Expression

December 10, 2008

Oyster-ringOk, so this is a lot late! Its just that every time I think the pressure is going to let up, it doesn’t! And finding time for anything right now is a struggle… Anyway, ‘Frost’ has now moved to the new location ‘The David Louis Project’ at Artfull Expression, this quaint little gallery/shop is located right on Warstone Lane in the centre of the Jewellery Quarter. Not only will you have the pleasure of choosing from our collections, the shop is filled to the brim with beautiful, bespoke and contemporary jewellery spread out over 3 rooms. You are sure to find something you like amongst all that choice, designers include Jane Moore, James Newman, Glenn Campbell, Jo Pond and some newer ones such as students from the Jewellery School and of course us; Design Space!

‘The David Louis Project’ is an extension of the original shop ‘Artfull Expression’ and aims to bring contemporary jewellery designed and made in the Jewellery Quarter into the spotlight. We have a selection of jewellers who are so often missed because their workshops are hidden away in the many nooks and crannies that the JQ consists of! Along the main street you can see commercial jewellery glinting in every window, barely differing from one shop to another, but ‘The David Louis Project’ brings you new and exciting designs, things you won’t find anywhere else.

David LouisContemporary Tableware is also exhibited here and are hugely popular buys for men’s Christmas presents, featuring magnetic bottle openers that stick to your fridge, spinning salt and pepper shakers and chic table top coasters and trivets – not to mention the wide selection of hip flasks and cufflinks.

We have been working steadily to renovate the back room and it is now a great new gallery space that holds the work of 18 new designers in the Jewellery Quarter. Design Space is exhibiting their very first collections and if you buy from here you will be buying an original. Not to mention each of the collections have their own concepts and meanings which gives the work depth as well as beauty.

So come on down to view the work and you may just find something that you can’t bear to leave behind!


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