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Designer Crafts at the Mall – Private View

January 17, 2009

On the illustrious Mall, straight through those grand, majestic and epic Admirality Arches sits the entrance to the prestigious Mall galleries… Through these doors lies a treasure trove of bespoke jewellery, silversmithing, hand-crafted sculptures, woven textiles and sweeping ceramics. And on January 9th 2009, through those arches and those doors you would’ve found a hive of busy people networking and bubbling about the beautiful finds inside. The work varies vastly from tiny trinkets and ladles to huge garden sculptures, yet they all have three things in common; beautiful, inspired and irresistable!

As you enter the gallery you are presented with the glittering section of jewellery and silversmithing, which on the night was so crowded that people had to come back and take another look later once it had cleared! Then further in you are drawn to the coloured textiles and textured ceramics, not to mention the huge contemporary furniture adorning areas. And further in still are stunning examples of contemporary mixed media. There were a number of awards given out, not to mention a large number of sales on the first night.

So, although there is only 2 days left I highly recommend you pop your head into the Mall Galleries yourself because its a beautiful sight to see. Don’t forget to look out for my work – first cabinet on the right!

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