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Schmuck, Talente and everything in between – A British Bergers opinion

April 27, 2009

Munich has a brilliant creativity that emanates throughout the city, every little shop window has something different to say, be it a hair dressers, small craft shop, furniture store or retail therapy! I was extremely impressed by the innovativeness of even the average shop, everything is quirky and different, for example right by my hotel there was a little shop with an installation of origami objects tumbling down like a waterfall – truly beautiful and inspiring.

Shopping area in Munich

Shopping area in Munich

The purpose of my trip was to see my work exhibited in Talente and to visit the various galleries and craft show associated with it. Talente is an international competitive exhibition which I was truly honoured to be selected for. The work on display did indeed display talent in its purest form. The selection varied from ceramics, silversmithing, sculpture, jewellery, furniture and technological advances. One of the winning designs looked like the skeleton of a tree had been plucked from within and formed into 3 gorgeous vessels, imagine the layers of a tree trunk being separated from one another and then put back together with spaces in between (Benjamin Planitzer). Watching this strange, yet beautiful sculpture left the viewers perplexed as to how it was made andn awe of the craftsmanship involved.


Corals by Benjamin Planitzer

Another winner was the beautifully deteriorarting textile wall hangings of Israeli artist, Moshe Roas. Titled Earth circle, Water circle, and Fire circle these large, vaguely circular hanging are loosely termed as textiles, I say this because they are barely there, the material has been pushed so far that it isn’t recognisable as such.

work @ schmuck

Beautiful and crazy jewellery at Schmuck

Schmuck itself was also a lot more impressive than last year and presented potential buyers and artists alike with an inspiring collection of contemporary jewellery. Some very odd and some stunningly beautiful, but certainly a good mix to get your brains cells buzzing.
So to sum up I would thoroughly recommend visiting Munich to see the Schmuck festival at this time of year (Mid February) There is something for everyone; beauty, simplicity and clean-lines, and yet also over-complicated and kitsch designs and much much more…check it out!

View of Schmuck

People admiring the work at Schmuck

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