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Emboss – RBSA Gallery Birmingham

May 5, 2009

Emboss 18th May – 17th July

RBSA Gallery

4 Brook Street,

St Paul’s


B3 1SA

Directions to get to RBSA Gallery

Directions to get to RBSA Gallery

I am very pleased to be exhibiting my ‘Mother’s Love’ collection at ‘Emboss’ at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham this coming month.

” ‘Emboss’ will show the work of designer makers who all draw inspiration from texture and the process of mark making to create delicate surface impressions and detail.”

My work is very much about surface texture as I create a planished effect on the outside that gives the pieces a soft, organic look. I will also be adding to this collection with a development on the female form that inspires me so much, using PreRaphaelitian women to decorate certain pieces.

Ophelia, Pre-Raphaelitean Woman

Ophelia, Pre-Raphaelitean Woman

These women will decorate certain elements of my pieces, in an abstract way, picking out certain details within the image. Please do pop in to have a look if you can, there is a wide variety of beautiful work involved so its well-worth a peek.

Other artists include:

Rebecca Steiner – stunning, organic and innovative jewellery

Becca Williams beautiful silversmithing with etched patterns adorning the surface

Clare Ransom – silversmithing inspired by the natural world

Esther Lord – abstract vases using lines and layers to transpose volume and texture into the vessels

to name but a few!

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