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British Silver Week Launch Day

June 19, 2009

This year, British Silver Week was hosted by the grand Goldsmiths Hall on 2nd June. The launch was a brilliant day for silversmiths, designers, makers and collectors to meet up with a shared passion for one beautiful material… Silver. Among the designers were many famous names including; Damien Hirst, Martyn Pugh, Chris Knight, Ndidi Ekubia, Brett Payne and Hiroshi Suzuki to name but a few.

New designers to watch included Clare Pardoe, Theresa Nguyen, Jemma Daniels, and Elizabeth Peers. All budding silversmiths that have gained a lot of press and success over the past few months since graduating only last year (June 2008).

British Silver Week Awards, Clare Pardoe with her 'Spinal Rose Bowl'

On the day I was thrilled to receive not only one but TWO awards! This has allowed me to go on a 2 day Silversmiths’ business course with British Silver Week and a 2 day forging course with Brett Payne. Both of which will be brilliant experience and teach me more of the skills I require to improve and grow within this industry.

I also had the pleasure of exhibiting my work in the same gallery as Damien Hirst! When I heard that I was ecstatic! I realise my work crosses the boundaries of fine art and traditional silversmithing more than some others might, simply because I choose to use the body as my direct inspiration, in a subtle, yet cheeky way. This work was displayed in S.J.Phillips from 8th – 17th June, New Bond Street, London. It has now moved to:

From: 2nd July – 8th August

SDC Gallery

24 Rivington Street,



Please note the gallery is open: Tues – Fri 12 – 6pm, Sat 12 – 5pm

And don’t forget if you would like to see more of my silversmithing work it will be on display in RBSA Gallery, Birmingham until 17th June and the jewellery will reside there as part of the Design Space end of year exhibition from 6th July – 1st August.

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