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New additions to the family…

June 19, 2009

I set myself a task a couple of months ago, which was instigated by the enrolling of British Silver Week… I wanted to add to my current collection without repeating the same ideas. The resulting effect was 2 months of stress, confusion, worry and many many more annoying emotions. But it has finally come together, and I am proud of the new additions to the family:

Spinal Rose Bowl

The ‘Caress’ rose bowl sits upon a slate base, a hint of a spine flowing down one side allows the piece to be pourable (should you choose to use it as a soup toureen/jug of some sort). This was the piece that Birmingham Assay Office has sponsored for British Silver Week and I wanted it to be impressive. I chose to leave the outside a mat finish, to contrast with the brightly polished inside that reflects the light back out at the viewer as if it were glowing.

The pieces I have created work well with the current ‘Mother’s Love Collection’, which was a jug and sake cups, as they are all made to  be used at the table. The rice bowl and chopsticks  link especially, as they are immediately recognisable as Japanese/Chinese utensils.

Rice Bowl, Pickle Dish and Chopsticks

Since the photograph was taken this piece has slightly changed, I have added a ‘pickle dish’ that sits with the bowl after taking the advice of a Japanese friend. And the chopsticks are now hand-forged in solid silver, to make them more durable.

As well as the two bowls above, I added a more functional set of cups, still inspired by the female form, yet more immediately useable than my first set, of sculptural sake cups. These could be seen as either sake cups or shot glasses depending on what you prefer!

Silver shot glasses

As you can see they come in satin and/or a highly polished versions and there is also the option to gold-plate the inside of the cups, giving a stunning golden glow to the piece.

And finally, the piece de resistance (and resistant it really was!), the olive dish, olive spoon and slate bread board:

Olive Bowl and Bread Board

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