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Contemporary British Silversmiths European exhibition

July 29, 2009

I have been lucky enough to be one of the 75 designers included in Contemporary British Silversmiths’ touring exhibition:

Side X Side – Edge > Edge

SideXSide Edge-Edge

“My pieces are titled ‘Spooning’ and are designed as a male and female pair of cups that sit alongside eachother, the male visibly hugging the female cup. Each cup has a subtle detail, the male has a crease formed in it that sits inside the female’s indentation (reminiscent of the dip we have in our backs). Both cups are sensual to hold in the hand, using their form to illustrate their character.”

This exhibition will start in Hame Castle in Finland alongside their 10 Downing Street Collection, the collection of 75 silversmith’s work will then tour galleries throughout the UK for 2 years and finish at Turku Castle in the European capital of Culture for 2011 in Turku, Finland.

This collection is widely varied and hugely inspirational, incorporating all the most influential contemporary Silversmiths of the last 2 decades.

” Contemporary British Silversmiths are committed to maintaining and developing the unique art of silversmithing within the context of contemporary design. Our exhibitions and events provide members with opportunities to explore and develop fresh ideas, and our audience the chance to see innovative collections of silver. “

Please check out the other fantastic designs at

or alternatively at:

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