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Translating an artist’s mind

September 1, 2009

Today I’m feeling frustrated, I’ve got so many inspirations I want to do 5 projects at once, within the space of a few minutes I can create several different ideas by simply looking at an image. Yet I can’t get them down on paper quick enough – as if the simple act of translating it from my mind to paper makes all the others flood away into nothing. I usually combat this by printing out the images or tearing them from magazines to jog my memory, however my printer isnt working 😦

Popping a bubble

So i think I’ll write….

Dark fairytales, Pan’s Labyrinth, twisting, twirling roots, distorted birdcages and tangled nets. Stormy clouds intermingled with furious sea spray. Glittering diamonds and rubies in magpie’s nests hidden in amongst tangles of thorns and broken eggshells. Glorious ruin and tatters, peeling paint within beautiful, regal palace walls. Goldplate falling amongst the dust and shining in the shafts of light streaming through tall windows.

Dark Fairytale

Beach sunsets and big flat sofa beds, curtains billowing in the wind. Beautiful women draped over them wrapped loosely in voiles of all the colours of the rainbow. Dripping in huge bangles, bold necklaces and golden anklets. Gypsies, hippies, festival spirit but with a tinge of tan and the dry warmth of a Mykonos summer.


These are the words I will use to inspire my next 2 jewellery collections.. watch this space.

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