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IJL – International Jewellery London 2009

September 7, 2009

IJL is here!

“The Uk’s only dedicated jewellery event, where the most talented, cutting edge British and International designers and manufacturers showcase an inspiring collection of jewellery, contemporary and classic.”

Yesterday I visited IJL to suss out the compeition and to introduce my links with Dubai to the potential designers whose work I think would be very popular. I am currently setting up a bridge between the two countries and will be organising Jewellery Parties in Dubai to target a market whom don’t have the freedom to try on jewellery within shops as we Westerners do. As you can imagine, the hijab is quite restrictive in being able to see if a piece of jewellery suits you and many muslim women are forbidden to remove it in public places.

IJL is a collection of everyone from the jewellery industry. It is a treasure trove of dazzling gems, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls dripping from stands, diamonds scattered in glass boxes. It has the newest most contemporary designs under the same roof as the biggest brands and in contrst the very commercial enterprises. It is a jewellery lovers HEAVEN.

Among the designers I picked out there are a few who really shone through. In particular Fei Liu Fine Jewellery, Babette Wasserman and Jasmine Alexander. The latter of which has picked up a lot of interest from the press for her beautiful ‘Bleeding Hearts and Artists…precious patterns’ necklace. This consists of an 18kt rose gold heart (human in form) set with brilliant cut rubies that represent the dripping blood! Unfortunately I don’t have an image of it but check out the ‘Index’ section of her page and it is listed there – trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Jasmine is showing at IJL as part of the ‘Kickstart‘ stand K980 hosted by the British Jewellers Association.

Babette Wasserman - Chameleon rings

Babette Wasserman - Chameleon rings

Fei Liu‘s work really struck me, I have known him as one-to-watch for a while now, but from a distance! I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the show and was happy to find him extremely welcoming and charming. His fine jewellery ‘Whispering Collection’ incorporates elegant pearls with striking cut precious stones such as Amethysts and Citrines. This takes inspiration from the Orchid Flower and is all set on 18kt white, yellow or black gold.  His divine designs incorporate decorative, pave set, swirling stems which frame beautiful larger stones and catch the light in an indescribable way. Not even the beautiful images on his website can truly represent how stunning this work is. Not only is it beautiful, the well thought out designs are also extremely functional often working as more than one item of jewellery. For example a pendant is also a brooch, a long necklace can also be made into two shorter ones.

Fei Liu - Whispering Collection

Fei Liu - Whispering Collection

Others to watch out for are the ‘Bright Young Gems’ who have been nominated by a prestigious panel of leading editors and industry gurus. These are: Kity Sun, Andy Farrow, Haruko Horikawa, Daisy Knights andAnthony Roussel. Among those, I was especially struck by the innovative and crazy designs of Andy Farrow, using patterned layers of gold and silver over bejewelled back panels this work is sure to create a stir. More elegant and sophisticated was Haruko Horikawa’s work, more in line with my own, I loved the fluidity of her designs. She says she “strives to express the essence of the natural world” and I would agree she has captured the absolute best bits of it!

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