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The Midas Touch

August 4, 2010

Beautiful, beautiful hand piece by Chanel from their Paris-Londres Collection. What an inspiration, I am currently designing a couple of ranges of jewellery and accessories (I always find it best to swing between ideas, generating LOTS of new sketches from my initial inspirations and then later sort them into cohesive, separate collections). This is the kind of image that makes my mind whirr into action. Not only is the work delicate, beautiful and sophisticated, it is also pushing the boundaries of where jewellery should be worn.

My current interests are; hands – across the back of the hand, whole finger (as opposed to just the top half), arms, ankles – I feel this area never gets it’s due, shoulders, back, chest.

I want these piece of jewellery to encompass the body, capturing it’s beauty as if it were held in a trap. Perhaps hinting at a slightly sinister need to capture and hold onto beauty for as long as humanly (and now also scientifically) possible. A great example of this idea is shown in Naomi Filmer’s work below.

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