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Spread Your Wings, Open up to a New Kind of Creativity

November 1, 2010

The past 8 months have gone by so fast I feel like I only just arrived in Dubai. Settling in, researching the market, finding manufacturers, finding materials, developing designs, meeting hundreds of contacts, making new friends and finding my path have all been thoroughly enjoyable and I can honestly say it was a brilliant decision to move back to my home country. (Yes I am British, but I was born here and this is most definitely home)…

However, there have been a number of changes in my life that have not been so obvious. I have opened up to a much more spiritual path, something I was always interested in but have now embraced with open arms. This has opened up channels of thought that were blocked before. For example, with regards to designing I found a way that allows my creativity to flow through me as if some kind of energy is taking over, thought processes are no longer harboured, or difficult. It is not a concious choice to create a curve or draw forms in a certain way, the pen and paper or the wax models have a way of teaching me how they want to be designed and made.

Since arriving in March I have designed a number of different collections, the first of which is the Suspension of Reality Collection, a range of jewellery that has really spread its wings and taken my imagination far away into other-wordly dimensions. The result is a sparkling collection of blues and oranges, inspired by Avatar, Dark Fairytales, Butterfly wing patterns, venus fly traps and creeping vines. I am soon to release the very first photos of my work, and I cannot wait to share it with the world.

Each piece is limited to only 19 pieces, so once you invest in a Phioro piece you are guaranteed to be one of the lucky ones who can rest assured it will increase in value. Imagine investing in a beautiful piece of jewellery that you can treasure not just because of its sentimental, conceptual and aesthetic values but also that it will be a collectable, antique in future years. The beauty of antiques is that not only are they stunning in quality, originality and rarity, they also have so many stories to tell. Retaining that history within their very intricacies, a loving gift, a memory of one who has passed away, a life story.

However, my work differs from the usual fine jewellery as it was not necessarily designed for this world, or this time. This is jewellery of the future. These pieces could just as easily have come from an alien planet, celebrating the organic beauty of their flowers, trees and creatures. Wearing this jewellery you are sure to be ahead of the crowd and stand apart from it, knowing you have an exclusive Phioro.

The pendants are sharp and striking, white gold vines creep down and wrap around bright blue Topaz, or large Citrines clasped in golden teeth and encrusted in diamonds and precious stones. The collection also includes Orchid inspired earrings and bangles, rings, and many more to come as this is just the preview! For more information please email me at

Website: – soon to be updated with the newest collection

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