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From the Designer’s Perspective…

December 6, 2010

Last week we finally revealed a collection that has been a long time coming. It started with the beautiful film, Avatar, which sparked my inspiration and created a passion in me to create something futuristic, different and above all striking. I loved my ‘Mother’s Love’ Collection for its subtleties and it’s gentle, tactile forms, but a part of me was still crying out to be heard.

This latest collection certainly does that. It almost screams at you! Each piece, whether worn on its own or as part of a set is bold and strong, setting the wearer apart from the crowd. I dressed the models for my Preview in Grecian dresses as I still wanted to retain the elegance and dreaminess of the dark fairytales that inspired me. They did such a great job, envoking the emotions that the collection encapsulated for me. – Passion, excitement, futurism, and elegance. We started the show with a small video which I will link here, giving an idea of Phioro’s brand ethos and vision for the future. And then the models entered the room one-by-one, making their way around the circular tables to give everyone a good view of each piece.

I have two variations at the moment, silver with topaz and crystals, and 18ct gold with yellow tourmaline and fancy yellow diamonds. Each of these designs is released as limited editions so the owner knows that they have something that is unique and very exclusive. I also plan to expand the collection into smaller versions of these which I will sell through artistic fashion boutiques here in the UAE and globally.

I am also really pushing the exclusive commissions before Christmas as I love to design pieces with a concept or a hidden meaning inside and there is so much job satisfaction in seeing just how much it means to someone to get something totally personalised. So please let me know if you have any ideas for a loved one or for yourself!!

By: Clare Pardoe –

For more images and information please check out our website:

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