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December 12, 2010

There must be something in the air because we’ve just had two brilliant bits of news today! Along with some great happenings last week Phioro is a very happy brand at the moment!

We can’t reveal the information just yet but we’re sure you’ll be just as excited as us when we do!

For now I’d like to introduce myself – Archie Rose – to our readers. Clare was kind enough to welcome me to the blog last week and I’m really looking forward to sharing our progress with you on a more regular basis from now on. Phioro is moving forward very rapidly with the launch being a storming success and the following weeks being extremely productive. We’re working on expanding the current range to include smaller, more delicate versions of our current statement pieces, not to mention the new range that will be launched in Spring.

Clare described this in one of our previous posts – ‘Arabian Tempest’ – a beautiful collection inspired by Arabic Calligraphy and the sands of the Dubai dunes. We can’t wait to share the first images with you, but for now we hope you enjoy feasting your eyes on our winter collection ‘Suspension of Reality’ with cool, icy blues and contrasting firey citrines.

More news next week!! Thanks, Archie

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