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February 4, 2011


This month sees Phioro Jewellery hit the magazine shelves in no less than 5 different glossy publications. Some are yet to be revealed but we can share with you Grazia Middle East as it was released this week. The name Phioro is starting to rest on everyone’s lips, with a new collection on the way and the most recent one – Suspension of Reality – causing a stir wherever it goes.

There was also a major sale made to a very important gentleman, who decided that the Liana Pendant (featured right), was the perfect gift for his wife’s birthday. Crafted in gold with precious and fancy diamonds encrusted on it’s surface it is sure to get heads spinning when she wears it.

We are also very pleased to announce that Phioro will be involved in this year’s polo events. The ins and outs are yet to be finalised but we will keep you posted on where and when.

And finally, the most recent development is that Clare is currently designing a ‘celebrations’ range of jewellery which features engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants and earrings for very special occasions.

Please visit: for more beautiful creations and information.

Thanks for reading, Archie Rose


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