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‘Phi’ Collection Launches at British Polo Day, Dubai

March 6, 2011

Pictured above: ‘Phi’ Rosary Pendant with Gold element

‘Phi’ Collection Launch at British Polo Day

Phioro Jewellery with be launching their latest collection – ‘Phi’ at the Princes Cup Polo Day

Now in its third successful year, British Polo Day will return on Friday 18 March 2011 to the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. This prestigious event sees players from Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, Harrow, the Cavalry & Guards Club, the British Army and Habtoor Polo playing in a series of matches that bring a slice of Britain to the Middle East and celebrate the relationship between the nations. Dubai-born British designer, Clare Pardoe, has captured the essence of both cultures with her exotic combinations and distinct style seen in her award-winning brand Phioro. Clare will be showcasing Phioro’s latest, the ‘Phi’ collection on the catwalk alongside two stunning fashion labels; C by Clarissa and Beulah London.

The ‘Phi’ collection is inspired by the Greek symbol for the ‘theory of beauty’. This ratio was used by Leonardo da Vinci to calculate the perfect proportions of his ‘Vitruvian man’. The ‘Phi’ ratio is applied to each Phioro design in order to ensure they are balanced and proportionally correct. This delicate yet eye-catching collection is designed to be playful, minimal and elegant. Featuring rose gold, rubies and exotic leathers,as well as more powerful variations of the symbol in the men’s collection, this range is sure to get heart’s beating.

The British Polo Day has become one of the Middle East’s most exclusive sporting and social events and VIP guests from all over the region will be watching the action from the clubhouse terrace. VIP table bookings can be made via The matches can also be viewed pitch-side, with parking just AED 100 per car (paid to the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club on arrival). The fashion show will start from 6pm and will launch the after party with a fashionable and glamorous twist.

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Fast becoming the most exclusive luxury jewellery house in the Middle East, Phioro is a boutique jewellery company that specialises in exclusively commissioned pieces and limited edition jewellery. This ensures that our customer has a handmade, innovative, and unique piece that is guaranteed to be rare and precious. Phioro considers its jewellery designs as pieces of art. As a limited edition each is marked with its number discreetly on each piece, much like a limited edition print.

The label Phioro is inspired by ‘Phi’ the golden number, which is said to represent the ‘theory of beauty’ and was used by Leonardo da Vinci to calculate the proportions of his ‘Vitruvian man’. The ‘Phi’ ratio is also applied to each design in order to ensure each piece is balanced and has the correct proportions. The second part of the name “Oro” is translated from the Italian word for gold, which is the main material used in each collection.

For press inquiries, high resolution images, further information, or to arrange a meeting please call Clare at +971 50 3511210 or email at

For more images please see the Phioro website – Or the blog at:

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