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New York Fashion Week – Private Exhibition

August 25, 2011

How many of you have been to New York? What do you think of the Big Apple? I visited New York way back when, when I was in Art College studying Art Foundation. In fact, looking back, it could have been the fact that I visited so many alternative art galleries in NY with such beautiful, exotic and imaginative jewellery, that made me take this path in life.

I, and Phioro, have now been called back to New York, to be part of no other than New York Fashion Week! An opportunity I have to admit that I thought was a little way off on the horizon. Phioro has been invited to a Private Show as part of Raluca’s Vision, the creation of a gregarious Italian TV Celebrity known for her fashion styling advice. She now runs her own fashion consulting business and services several high profile clients, and Phioro Jewellery is excited to announce that it will be one of the 8 select designers to be showcased at her event.

I have been asked to design an exclusive and bespoke range for her clients, so as we speak there are some beautiful pieces being made in the workshop which I am incredibly excited about. I’m adding in new colours to the Venus range such as Lemon Quartz, Deep Amethyst certainly in purple, but also possibly deep green, and also a Pale Blue Topaz. I felt that these colours would allow the new designs more versatility within a wardrobe. The exclusive range for Raluca Vision, is yet to be revealed but we can reveal that the colours will be Firey Red Rubies!

I’d love to hear your opinions about the new stones and colours mentioned. We will of course share with you the happenings of NYFW as and when it happens. And the new designs as soon as we have them ready!

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  1. bonkasaurus permalink
    August 25, 2011 7:30 pm

    How exciting! congrats! this is big news. A lot of people are excited to turn 21 so they can go to bars…I am excited to turn 21 so I can go to Fashion week events lol

    -Bianca at

    • August 26, 2011 2:28 pm

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m really excited, last time I was there I was only 18, now I’m 26 I’m sure the whole trip will be completely different.

      If you’re about in New York, send me your details it would be great to catch up while you’re there.

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