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The Rare. The Exceptional. The Utterly Timeless.

October 1, 2011

When it comes to aligning Phioro with suitable companies and inevitably, market research, it can be hard to find jewellery companies that have the same ethos, and attitude towards their business model. Harry Winston, is one of the few. An iconic designer, jeweler to the stars, Winston’s collections embody the classical elegance of times gone by, while retaining modernity and beauty.

Jeweler to the stars

“This is Harry Winston’s legacy. The rare. The exceptional. The utterly timeless. It is utter excitement about the rarest jewelry & watches in the world”… Now we’re talking! – While I am aware that Phioro is not quite there yet (at least with regards to having a legacy) – Harry Winston is a great name to align our aspirations and inspiration towards.

Timeless is certainly a word I would love to use to describe my designs, whether they are or not, will have to stand the test of time. I feel Harry’s work is a lot more classic, but having immersed my inspiration bucket in the odd antique shop and the amazing V&A Jewellery Gallery, I can tell you there is quite a lot of very daring, experimental and ground-breaking work from even as far back as the 1800s. From then until now, we as humans have been inspired by nature and particularly so, the world’s creatures. Rene Lalique is the perfect example of this and I will write a post about these wonderful creations very soon…

Anyway, back to Harry…

Harry Winston’s ‘Incredibles’ are simply that! Made with the most exquisite stones and created to utterly dazzle they really have the mark of luxury and quality that Phioro aspires to.

Speaking of which, we have some real gems about to come glistening out of the workshop. I am so excited about them! Two one-of-a-kind designs formed around two hand picked stones with the most incredible cuts. The first is a ring made from 18 carat white gold, wild claws wrap around the stone and from beneath it is completely open to reveal the cut from both sides. The second is a phenomenal geometric necklace with a smokey quartz framed in 18 carat rose gold with striking lines and tiny lines of tapered diamonds. Delicious! I can’t wait to show you!

For more information on Harry Winston’s beginning please see:


For more information on Phioro please see:







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