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Opulence at Okku – The EVENT!

November 3, 2011

Last week we unveiled Phioro’s latest Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Opulence at Okku on Tuesday 25th October. It was a glamorous, elegant affair, well – attended by clients both old and new. Existing clients came, assured of finding another unique and utterly beautiful piece to add to their collection, while new clients arrived in numbers, eager to see the collections for themselves. Showcased alongside the label’s current collections; Phi, Liana, Venus and Azalea, the latest collection has proved extremely popular, with pre-launch orders in impressive numbers. The Water Lily collection, inspired by the serenity and peace of Japanese Zen Gardens, features matt surfaces with polished edges that complement one another and draw attention to the beauty of the pearls they are designed around.

We’ve had a number of orders for the below pendants to be made with a black pearl! I love it when my customers take inspiration from my designs and edit it to suit their own needs and preferences. That is the beauty of being a customised, personal jewellery brand, as opposed to a bog standard one!

This interactive event included Personal Stylist Nadya Silaeva, who was kept busy advising on what jewellery would work best with guests’ individual style. A designer cake, inspired by Phioro’s jewellery and created by Sibille Buchholzer-Juen of Iconycs Cakes was cut and shared amongst the guests after one lucky winner received their prize – a limited edition ‘Phi-Ratio of Beauty’ pendant now owned by Lily Cole.

Lily Cole with the Phi – Ratio of Beauty Pendant (In Abu Dhabi Film Festival VIP Lounge)

Our Winner of the Phi – Ratio of Beauty Pendant!

Alongside the main design collections we at Phioro offer two more exclusive options; limited edition pieces, each one marked with its own unique number much like a collector’s item, or a limited print as well as uniquely designed exclusive pieces on a commission basis. We deliver an extremely personal, boutique experience that enables the customer to tailor their jewellery needs to suit any occasion. Clare works with the client to create a piece inspired by the person who will receive the gift, weaving a concept around the emotions and message that their loved one wants to convey.

“I prefer working one to one with a client to create a design with a personal and sentimental message encapsulated within the design. The happy customer at the end of the day is just priceless.”

Phioro – Personal, Precious & Prestigious; just a few of the words encapsulating each jewellery design.



“It has been a great pleasure to be able to share my collections in such a beautiful venue. I am delighted with the response to my latest collection; it is so rewarding to see the appreciation of my work reflected on the faces of the attendees. It is about sharing and spreading the Phioro ethos of beauty, balance and exclusivity throughout our client base. No two pieces can be exactly the same as they are painstakingly handmade, just as no two clients are identical. Each creation is made with a sole recipient in mind.” – Clare Pardoe – the designer and founder of Phioro.

For more images and information, check out our website:

Thanks! Archie Rose 🙂





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