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What is Jewellery Worth To YOU?

November 12, 2011

Throughout history, jewellery has been created to represent power, beauty, rank in society, protection, and connections. Many items of jewellery, such as brooches and buckles, originated as purely functional items, but have evolved into decorative items as their functional requirement diminished.

When designing jewellery I take inspiration from the oldest relics to the newest, sparkliest pieces. I aim to design timeless beauties – objects that you want to own because they are simply stunning from every angle, and every aspect has been considered and selected for a reason. These are not necessarily limited to jewellery; I recently designed the first piece in a set of beautiful Arabic Calligraphy chess pieces as an anniversary present.

Arabic Calligraphy Chess Piece

When we think of jewellery, what is the first preconception that comes to mind?

* Is it the accessories you have piled up in the back of your wardrobe, strewn across your shelf that you bought from Top Shop, Aldo, or Accessorize?

* Is it a special something that you were given on your 18th or 21st birthday?

* Is it your Grandmother’s necklace/ring that will be passed down through the family?

* How much value do you allocate to this jewellery?

With the recent throw-away culture that has developed over the last 10 years, jewellery has become a commodity that isn’t always allocated it’s fair value. With so many cheaper options, with varying levels of quality and materials, the concept of jewellery itself has gradually changed. However, since the recession, we have seen a dramatic increase in the value of gold, even diamonds are increasing in value. The trend has started to move back towards valuing our belongings rather than looking for the next best thing on the market. Customers are starting to buy jewellery as a way to invest – a beautiful product that they can treasure, keep with them at all times and trust in as it’s value is sure to increase on a long term scale. We’ve all seen the antiques that are treasured and revered in International Museums around the globe… But are we starting again to aspire to own them?

Ancient Scarf Pin

David Courts – Bracelet

If you need a specialised gift, that is totally unique to you, that suits your loved one’s style and embodies the love that you feel for them within it’s design, then I am the person you need to speak to. This could be; an engagement ring, wedding rings, an anniversary present, a special birthday, or simply a way to say, “I love you.” I weave the meaning into a design by developing the concept based on your story, this could be with the form, stones chosen (e.g. birth stone/associated stone meanings), hidden elements and/or engraving a message inside.

“I design pieces inspired by feelings, created to evoke emotional associations that last a lifetime.” Clare Pardoe of Phioro Jewellery

Phioro – ‘Bringing Dreams to Reality

To contact Clare please email:

Pin: 23AA501F



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