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Wedding Jewellery

January 9, 2012

Weddings can be amazing moments in time, gathering all your friends and all your family together to celebrate your special day. The memories that we form on this day will last a lifetime, everything has to be perfect from the cake, to the dress, to the venue, not to mention getting a great photographer to record it all.

But one thing that can sometimes be neglected is wedding jewellery… What are you going to wear on your big day? Something delicate, elegant, feminine and above all complimentary to the dress and to your your natural beauty. If you want the something extra special, why not commission Clare to design a bespoke set for you to dazzle on your day?!




Twitter: @phioro

For more information about how to perfect your special day please check out our favourite wedding planner:

For the perfect, handmade and decorated cake check out this fantastic cake artist: or

And lets not forget that if you’re looking for that special engagement ring, to pop the question – Clare specializes in the most unique, individual, personal and sentimental designs within Dubai. For more information on this please check:

Thanks! Archie Rose 🙂

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