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Diamonds are Forever

February 5, 2012

Facts about Diamonds you may not know:

If you happen to own a diamond then you should know that you can consider yourself a lucky person as it has been estimated that less than one percent of women will ever own and wear a diamond in their life time, not even a tiny one!

Diamonds are the hardest naturally forming material on Earth, renowned for their beauty, strength, and durability. They have been known and hoarded by humans for thousands of years, and their name originates from the Greek word for invincible.

Diamonds form at depths of around 90 miles (150km), over millions and millions of years. The temperature at which diamonds form is in the range of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1100 Celsius) – too much hotter than this and the conditions are no longer suitable for their formation. Most diamonds are over a billion years old by the time they reach the Earth’s surface, with some diamonds being over three billion years in age – not much younger than the Earth itself.

Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors such as yellow, brown, blue and even pink, yet they are most appreciated in their natural state, colorless. Yet most diamond lovers say it is not the color which designates their beauty but rather the cut which can transform a stone into a thousand tiny refractions of light which in turn create sparkle beyond belief.

Coloured diamonds can be just as beautiful if not more stunning and are now becoming extremely popular. A coloured diamond can be purchased for a lot less than it’s equivalent in colourless format and yet creates a beautiful piece which often draws more attention to itself. I am personally a BIG fan of yellow diamonds, and we have plans for Phioro to create some exquisite engagement ring designs for our Engagement and Wedding Range. Watch this space!



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