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March 1, 2012

I thought today I would share with you some inspiration I’ve stumbled across while researching for a custom jewellery design. The piece is inspired by my client’s daughter – Ruby – naturally you would assume that I might therefore use a ruby to drive the design. However. There is so much more to this design than meets the eye… See below to find out why.

Pearls – Myths and Meanings

Myths and legends associate pearls with:

 Purity                                   Perfection                          Innocence                           Longevity

Pearls were linked with the moon, good fortune, and weddings, offering protection to those who wore them. Taken whole or in powdered form, pearls were also believed to cure a whole list of ailments!

Pearls in fashion, film and art:

Chanel Spring/Summer collection – check out the video for their mystical and magical fashion show!

Design Brief:

Design and create a beautiful piece for Ruby to treasure for the rest of her life, something wearable for Alex until Ruby comes of age. It should include a reference to the region as they are leaving Dubai in December and it would be nice for Ruby to have something as a memento from her place of birth.


  • Ruby – historical and mythical meanings of ruby
  • Arabic Calligraphy for ‘Ruby’
  • Birthstone for Alex – September – Sapphire
  • Birthstone for Ruby & David – June – Pearl
  • Pearls were fundamental to putting Dubai on the map
  • Preference of style: Simple, no bling/fuss. Block colours.
  • Could be a charm to add to current necklace
The fact that the pearl is both Ruby and David (the husband’s) birthstone, was a big pull. But most interestingly, the pearl is the reason that Dubai IS what it is today. Dubai built up it’s wealth as a trading harbour, merchants travelled through here with their wares and prior even to oil, Dubai was making it’s money trading pearls…
I’ll keep you posted on the designs that develop from these inspirations.. meanwhile check out our site to see other Phioro creations:
Twitter: @phioro
 Lastly, I would like to give a thumbs up to a blog which serves as a never ending source of inspiration and is full of cool DIY projects as well!

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