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Why Jewellery is so Precious!

March 28, 2012

Today’s post is about how jewellery can evoke an emotional response by simply wearing, touching or even looking at a piece. Jewellery can be simply chucked on to add beauty/spark to an outfit, or it will have a story behind it… Someone’s 18th Birthday present, an anniversary present, a gift from a lover.. the list goes on. But what makes it REALLY special, is when that gift was really considered, there is a story behind it, a message or meaning, that’s when the real magic takes place. The simple act of knowing how much thought went into a custom design can enhance the beauty, love and affection generated towards that piece tenfold.

Below I’ve included an excerpt of a post about a fellow blogger’s jewellery collection by La Blanquita, just because I think her emotional response to the story behind this pendant is so poignant and really explains why I design custom jewellery and why the customer is so thrilled at the end of the day…

“I have to say that the piece that I’ve worn the most often recently, is a very small pendant on a simple silver chain. To everyone else it probably doesn’t look like anything special. But I know the story behind it. I know that the person who gave it to me spent ages searching for it and in the end negotiated a deal with an artisan jeweller to craft it into a necklace and not a brooch so that it would suit my style. I didn’t want that to sound cheesy but it makes it even more special. Given to me at Christmas I must have worn it at least 4 days out of an average working week. I love it. As soon as I put it on it makes me feel unique, and loved, like today is going to ok just because I’m wearing it.

“The pendant is in the shape of a puffin, a little sea bird that are very common in the area I’m from. I love seeing them; they are so adorable and always manage to bring a smile to my face. Puffin is also my nickname. I used to be so embarrassed about it and got so cross with R when he called me it in public. But now, it’s part of our relationship, part of our story together and whenever I put my puffin on I think of him, 5000 miles away and seven hours behind. And I smile. Even on those bad days when the big bad world isn’t treating us so well, the little things can help.

Interesting, that she says it probably doesn’t look like anything special… Because a) jewellery is often a conversation starter, no matter how big or small, or beautiful or simple you think it may be, it catches the eye, and the more unusual the piece, the more likely it is to spark a conversation! And b) Because so much of the preciousness is in the meaning, the connection and the beauty of the beholder.

If you fancy having your own exquisitely, personalised piece please do not hesitate to contact me at:




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  1. March 30, 2012 9:24 pm

    Thank you for linking back to me, lovely little piece. The power of jewellery! Ill pass on your details to R, you never know there might be another lively little piece in there for me!

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