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Give Her A Ring Which Means More!

June 11, 2012

Make Her The Happiest Girl in the World

Imagine an engagement ring that says everything you ever wanted to say, encapsulating her beauty, as well as the happiness and memories you have shared and cherished. It is designed exclusively and personally for you and your loved one, inspired by your personal story. Imagine sitting down with your designer, knowing that she truly understands what you want this piece to convey, and how to deliver this in a beautiful design that suits your loved one perfectly. And to know that that piece has been hand crafted with you and your loved one in mind.

Now, breathe a sigh of relief, because Clare Pardoe can do exactly that.

Engagement Rings

Clare can design a classic, elegant ring and incorporate personal elements of your relationship within the design, or for those of you who would like something really unique she will create something that really catches the eye. Like this one-of-a-kind Lily inspired engagement ring, the fluidity and elegance speaks for itself. Viewed from another angle this ring becomes a representation of an eternal flame and the diamonds encrusted around the band represent eternity.

Give her a ring which means more!


Which Diamond to Choose?

Choosing a diamond can be a minefield of confusing terms like VS1 and SI2, inclusions, clarity, carat, colour and cut, not to mention fluorescence. Clare can help you decipher what it is you want and the best option with your budget in mind. Please don’t hesitate to contact her for a free presentation and consultation about diamonds.


Wedding Rings

Phioro also specialises in Wedding ring sets, to finish off the perfect engagement ring, a matching wedding ring completes the look.
We offer 10-15% discount on wedding rings when you buy your engagement ring at Phioro, ask Clare for your discount rate when ordering your engagement ring.

Contact Clare:Email:
Tel: 050 3511210
Twitter: @phioro

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