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The Value of Luxury – An Affair with an Object of Desire

September 5, 2013


It’s often hard to quantify the value of an item, sitting on a beautifully presented shelf, surrounded by other gorgeously irresistible items, lit in just the right way and calling out for you to own it. It is made especially challenging considering today’s mass-consumerism, the ever-present need to possess the latest bag and the biggest brands. We, as the customer face pressure from peers and media alike, to keep up-to-date with trends that are constantly changing with every season.

Gucci store

Louis Vuitton Interior

We have also been made painfully aware of how these products are made and how large the luxury brands’ profit margins are, considering. Although we choose to ignore that on the most part, because the glamorous advertisements are far more enticing than that distant memory of a back-alley sweat shop in Jaipur, India.

So, what should we associate with quality, and how should we go about choosing a piece of jewellery?

The over-riding aspect should of course be design and craftsmanship. Regardless of cost, label, and surroundings, an object should be resoundingly beautiful, and well-made. Something that has lasting value, something we can treasure forever. We consider a piece of jewellery from all angles, and often hide secret details within it’s form to add intrigue to a piece.

These aspects require a great deal of time, attention and an extremely critical eye for detail. This is a key element of the design process at Phioro Jewellery; we carefully watch over the manufacturing process so that every detail is carefully maintained and delivered with utmost excellence.

Examples of Craftsmanship

Secondly, but often equally, materials should of course play a large part in our decision, especially when choosing a piece of jewellery. The careful selection of quality stones and precious metals, plays a huge factor in how beautiful a piece will ultimately be. Many consumers have no idea what a difference this makes to how desirable a piece of jewellery looks when wearing it. However, choosing quality diamonds, with an excellent cut – even when they are only 1mm in diameter – can be the distinction between an average, or an outstanding piece.


Thirdly, we believe that a piece should have a story. Something that resonates with the buyer, so much so that they couldn’t help but become emotionally involved in it. An affair with an object of desire. Each Phioro collection is immersed in a carefully considered concept, the pieces in these collections are also limited edition, so we are able to preserve their exclusivity.

Phioro Jewellery Aquaray Ring with Y Gold & Diamonds

Phioro’s Double Aquaray Ring in 18ct Gold and Diamonds

With a true balance of the key factors:

  • Design
  • Workmanship
  • Materials
  • Concept

You are set to select a captivating piece of luxury jewellery that will blow people away and leave them asking questions even after they’ve left you.

For true quality design and an object of ultimate desire please contact Phioro Jewellery for your next luxury splurge.

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