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Developing a Concept – Bringing Meaning to the Art of Jewellery

October 25, 2013

The world is full to the brim of exciting forms of inspiration. When looking for a concept for the next collection, or a personalised, custom-designed piece, Clare focuses her attention on what she desires to convey within the jewellery.

Drawn toward bold, striking, organic forms, accentuated by a select anthology of priceless materials and precious stones; Clare’s designs embody true works of art. Working with clients from around the world, her unique expertise enables her to personally connect with each client and deliver a piece that encapsulates their story.


Extensive research is gathered on selective subjects when creating the initial concept for a collection or commissioned piece of custom jewellery.

When developing a concept, we carry out extensive research on the subject. For example a recent bespoke commission was requested to convey our client’s Chinese/Malaysian heritage while retaining an element of her modern lifestyle.

We looked into imagery of various Chinese and Malaysian architecture, culture and symbolism, which lead to some extremely imaginative and intricate jewellery designs for a ring & earring set which we cannot wait to share with our client this weekend!


After nearly four years of focusing on women’s jewellery, we are set to launch the first pieces from our upcoming range of men’s jewellery.

Our first men’s cufflink collection, ‘Alpha’ will be available for Christmas as handy presents for those handsome men you cherish. This collection will include 18ct gilded men’s cufflinks in alphabetic form from letters A-Z.

This offers clients the option to customise their cufflinks by selecting the letters of significance that they wish to wear – for example the initials of your name.


We can’t wait to showcase our upcoming men’s collection this coming winter. Don’t forget to watch out for ‘Alpha’ in the upcoming weeks, and our new website update which will improve usability and offer the option to buy online!

Please feel free to schedule a visit to our showroom by emailing or calling 04 454 8370 to arrange a visit. Or check out the website for some Christmas Inspiration:

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