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Red Carpet Roundup

January 23, 2014

As the starlets sparkle on the red carpets this season, we’ve taken some time to spot the trends in fine jewellery that are enhancing their outfits and adding to the dazzle of these events. Although every star has her own personal style, we couldn’t help but notice the three main looks seen worn at this year’s Golden Globes and SAG Awards.

sculptureWe are excited to spot sculptural ear pieces picking up on the red carpet – seeing the stars being braver with their jewellery choices is very encouraging. We love Emma Watson’s pearl earrings with the ‘earring jacket’ trend that has been emerging lately – decorating your earrings with exchangeable backs. A fun and different way to make your earrings versatile for all occasions.

We also spotted two striking earcuff creations on Adele Exarchopoulos and Natalie Dormer. (You may be wondering why Natalie has shaved her head – it’s in aid of the next Hunger Games movie – which we cannot wait to see, along with the futuristic costumes and bold jewelley choices sure to be in store).


We’d love to see our Aquaray Earcuff on the gorgeous Olivia Wilde, it would suit her fiercely beautiful look and piercing eyes.


turquoiseTurquoise seemed to be the colour of the moment, and who can blame them, it really is such a hypnotic colour and enhances the beauty of those who wear it. We were especially drawn to Sofia Vargas’ statement necklace and Emma Roberts beautiful earrings, both worn at the Golden Globes. Soon thereafter Lupita Nyong’o was spotted in the powerful  blue colour at the SAG Awards. We’re loving the decorative details of her gown that naturally served as a piece of statement jewellery in its own abstract way.

Following the bright blue trend, we think our Azalea bangle in vivid topaz would look perfect on Rachel McAdams or Blake Lively, bringing out their dazzling blue eyes and contrasting their golden locks.


diamondsAlthough we at Phioro prefer to go for more sculptural, unique styles, you can’t deny that a classic look is always a winner. Not such a risk, but definitely beautiful beyond words, we spotted Julia Roberts, Lupita N’yong’o, and Reese Witherspoon opting for fail-safe Diamond studs to finish off their outfits at the Golden Globes.


That’s it for our roundup, we can’t wait for the next series of red carpet looks from the upcoming Grammy’s, BAFTA and Brit Awards. Watch this space for our second post on red carpet trends in fine jewellery, we are definitely hoping for braver choices and even bolder looks.

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