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Walk The Line…

September 8, 2015

Our founder and designer Clare has been interested in energy, meditation and yoga for quite some time now, so to align her passions with her art, she has created a line – The Qi Collection – which embodies these concepts and allows the wearer to harness their inner power and positivity through their jewellery.

PHIORO-019 pinker

Channel your inner power with our Energy Line Collection, inspired by natural meridian lines in the body.

Energy Line Collection

Shop the Energy Line Collection: Starting from only $90


Energy Line Pendant in 18ct Gold and Diamonds: $560


Energy Line Earcuffs (pair) in 18ct Gold and Diamonds: $690

PHIORO-003 - cropped3

Ideal for stacking and layering these minimal designs have proved extremely popular. The stacking rings (3 pieces) in particular can be worn in more than 7 different ways, and work well with the unique simplicity of the earcuff.


Energy Line Mini Studs in 18ct Rose Gold with Diamonds: $405


Energy Line Studs in Silver: $96


Energy Line Stacking Rings in silver – set of 3 – $270

(Also available in 18ct gold and diamonds)


Browse Phioro for more collections:

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