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House of Phioro

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Sharing in a world that celebrates ‘Forever in Love’, Phioro is a luxury fine jewellery house located in Dubai. Established by designer Clare Pardoe in 2008, both Clare and the Phioro label have grown to become celebrated as one of the Middle East’s premier emerging luxury brands for seeking exceptional, bespoke & limited edition fine jewellery.

The name Phioro is derived from the Greek symbol ‘phi’ which represents beauty, proportions & perfection; alongside the Italian word for gold ‘oro’. Centered on golden treasures of beauty and sophistication, Phioro creations are designed to be personally cherished or embody the adoration expressed toward a beloved recipient.

Clare is renowned for her exquisite one-of-a-kind designs, intended to evoke a timeless feeling and existence, these pieces reflect a rich heritage in fine jewellery artistry matched by her distinct edge in embracing modern nuances.

Drawn toward bold, striking, organic shapes and using a variety of precious stones and metals, Clare’s designs for Phioro emulate true works of art. Her versatile design talents enable her to personally connect with each client and create custom pieces of jewellery that suit an array of tastes.

Working with clients from around the world, each Phioro piece and limited edition collection embodies a select anthology of priceless materials and artistic details recognized to honour and celebrate each client’s unique life milestone.

Clare’s exquisite creations have been featured in editorials worldwide. Phioro designs have been embraced and worn by international starlets, including Katy Perry, Michelle Rodriguez, Yousra, Bushra, Lily Cole and Sarah Bolger.


About Clare Pardoe (Designer Bio)

Clare Pardoe was born and raised amidst the inspirational backdrop of Dubai, although the initial journey of Phioro began in England. Clare received her Bachelor’s Degree in ‘Jewellery and Silversmithing’ from the highly acclaimed ‘School of Jewellery’ (Est. 1890) at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2006.

Rooted in her British-Emirati background, Clare returned to Dubai to further advance her endeavors with Phioro. Clare remains inspired by the fascinating surroundings of her home city; showcasing an ornate and harmonious confluence of old vs. new, traditional vs. modern and Eastern vs. Western design elements.

From a young age Clare presented an extraordinary flair in the arts, receiving both the Design Technology and Art Prizes for her displayed talents while attending the prestigious Dubai College. In 2010, Clare was a finalist in the Jewellery Design Awards competition for Dubai International Jewellery Week.

Extending from an extensive bloodline of creative artists and designers, both present and past; Clare has always felt most comfortable in identifying with her inherited artistic instincts. Her great grandfather, Thomas Pardoe, was a painter for Nantgarw Pottery in Wales. Considered to be among the most valuable artifacts ever produced in Wales, Nantgarw porcelain was collected by The Royals and today remains on display at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Much like her great grandfather, Clare has the ability to see the beauty of a piece from all angles, considering every aspect when designing. Depending on her inspirations, Clare is equally confident designing both minimalist and statement jewellery, and everything in between; a truly versatile designer.


Designer Quote

“Our pieces are designed to evoke a timeless feeling and existence; aiming to create antiques of the future. Each design captures an everlasting beauty that remains appealing through the ages. The carefully chosen materials are just as important in selecting as the message behind each piece, since ‘timeless’ implies an eternal design and appreciation.” -Clare Pardoe


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