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Sensual Silver – Sake Collection

November 8, 2008


My work is focussed on satisfying the senses, the initial appeal of the sight of the pieces draws one in to want to hold and touch them. As they are held their function becomes apparent and the act of drinking adds the sense of taste to the list.

I have created a series of sake cups influenced by the beauty of the female form. The soft, gentle curves draw the eye into the little details in each cup, a belly button, a nipple, the curve of a spine. I have used the features to create bases or pouring elements in my pieces, adding to their functionality as well as their aesthetic. I see this set as a collectable group of items that juxtapose one another, each piece drawing one’s attention to the beauty of elements we so often miss on our own bodies. Sake cups are seen as sentimental objects to the owner, I have incorporated this concept into my wearable pieces, allowing the cup and ladle to travel with the person as a keepsake.

The collection is based on a family; the jug is inspired by the curve of a pregnant woman’s body, the mother’s role as the provider is particularly appropriate to this concept. Each piece has its own individual personality, size and form, they gather together like a huddle of little children.


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